Turn your ideas into something Real.

Real is a design studio created by Ed Vinicombe. It's a studio that prefers getting under the skin of a problem you’re trying to solve whilst delivering tangible artefacts that will help your business succeed. No fluffy slide deck proposals that leave you hanging, just real things, no bullshit.

We can help you

Define a brand identity

Your customers don’t just want to buy something - they want to buy into something. We uncover the heart & humanity of your brand to develop a recognisable identity that connects you to your customers like never before.

1-4 weeks | £1K - £4K

Craft meaningful digital experiences

We identify and map your business and customer needs, ideate through potential solutions (for either web and/or app), and test them with your customers to ensure that we are crafting meaningful experiences that solve real problems.

4-12 weeks | £4K - £16K

Build, deploy and maintain a website/app

Your website is the primary gateway to your customers. We use scalable tools and frameworks to build high quality code that bring your ideas to life whilst also providing worry-free web maintenance that ensures you’re ‘always on’ and ready to serve your customers 24/7.

4-16 weeks | £4K - £20K

Maintenance | £150-£1K pm


We use tried and tested design thinking methodologies to guide an iterative approach to solving problems for your business. We seek to understand your customers, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify innovative solutions that will pull you ahead of your competitors.

Discovery call

We’ll kick things off by having a discovery call where we’ll discuss the problem(s) you’re trying to solve, your budget, timelines and expectations.

Establish success metrics

Together, we’ll determine a group of success metrics (like revenue, ARPU, visits, bounce rate etc) that will help us guage the effectiveness of our work.

Customer interviews

We’ll spend some time talking to your customers to better understand their perception and expectation of the problem(s) you’re trying to solve.

Generate ideas

This is where the magic happens! We’ll ideate through several ideas that will solve the problem(s) we’ve identified.

Test ideas with your customers

Once we’re confident in an idea that might work. We’ll test it with your customers to guage their response and engagement.

Time to launch

We ship to code to not only launch new products and services but to learn more about our customers behaviour. This first release is just the beginning!

Measure, learn, & iterate

Once the first release has been shipped it's time to measure our performance against our success metrics to determine what we could be doing better in our next iteration.

Real was founded by Ed Vinicombe, a digital design leader with 20 years experience helping the world's largest organisations create meaningful experiences that have lasting value.

I've led and built design teams of various sizes over the years but my sweet spot is launching products and services from scratch - fast. So, in 2022 I decided to focus that energy through my own company, Real.

When we work together I use a trusted network of designers, researchers, and developers that I've collaborated with personally so that we can tackle a wide range of problems of any size and shape.

Companies I've worked with
Ed Vinicombe collaborating around a whiteboard
Ed Vinicombe collaborating around a whiteboard

Flexible funding

We like to work with a range of different business types so we know that the way you pay for goods and services will vary. We offer two traditional types of payment to suit a mixture of needs for you and your business.


You pay us for the time we spend on the work. Nothing more, nothing less.


You can pay us in instalments over a set period of time to help mitigate a big one off payment.

For a select few early-stage startups that are making big, promising steps in cleaning our oceans or putting a stop to poaching endagered animals we can exchange our expertise for a share in your company or we might even do the work for free!

Ready to work together?

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